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Teaching Philosophies

K-12 English Language Arts

We believe that all students should acquire the necessary literacy skills, strategies, and knowledge to cultivate their identities as readers and writers in order to engage in critical thinking and communication for authentic purposes and audiences in our diverse world.

K-12 Math

We believe that students should learn the mathematical practice standards by showing the connections between real world problems and mathematical solutions by modeling, explorations and discovery.

K-12 Science

We believe that all students should have a strong understanding of science and its application to critically assess information in the modern world and make decisions to solve real-world problems.

K-12 Social Studies

We believe that all students should have a global perspective of diverse cultural, economic and political systems by showing understanding through inquiry, application and analysis.

6-12 World Languages

We believe in fostering lifelong language learning through engagement, cultural understanding and open mindedness; in cultivating and nurturing world citizens to move forward in a diversified, global society; in promoting language production in order to encourage world readiness; and in the importance of acquiring functional proficiency at each level in the target languages.

K-12 Visual & Media Arts

We believe that all students should experience visual and media arts as an essential component of their total development, through which each child can refine their critical thinking skills by creating, presenting, responding, producing, and connecting with art and culture.

K-12 Performing Arts

We believe music education should provide all students with a love and appreciation for music, an aesthetic form of expression and a standard of excellence achieved through musical performance; an education in music should develop the lifelong learning abilities necessary to contribute to a more cultured, educated society.

K-12 School Counseling

We aim to motivate students to maximize their potential through a focus on their academic study, personal values, interpersonal skills and career goals. We want our students to reflect on their education as a successful path that provided multiple opportunities to reach beyond their comfort zone to explore their interests and learn new things.

K-12 Physical Education & Health

We believe physical education and health is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for a student’s physical, mental and social well being.

K-12 Instructional Technology

We believe that all students should have a rich well-balanced technology environment to maximize their learning experience for real world applications.