Mask Mandate January 24, 2022

Dear Mt. Pleasant Community,

As many of you have heard by now, a state judge has ruled that New York's mask mandate is unconstitutional. The case, brought by parents, is called Demetriou et al. v. New York State Dep’t of Health et al., and we are hearing conflicting reports and anticipate additional legislation on this matter.  However, we have been advised by our counsel that until such time as an appeal is filed which stays the Court's decision, there is no authority to require that masks be worn in school. We have also been advised that a decision to stay the matter may come as soon as tonight.  In the event that there is no stay on this decision tonight, mask wearing for students and staff will be optional beginning tomorrow and I ask that we all be respectful of the decisions that everyone and their families make as we move forward.   

We will keep you apprised if anything regarding this matter changes. 

Very truly yours,

Dr. Peter Giarrizzo

Superintendent of Schools