The Mount Pleasant Central School District provides busing to all of its in-district public school students as well as eligible private and parochial students who complete a request for transportation.

2020-2021 Transportation Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic students and parents will notice several significant changes to our Transportation Program.  Below is a list of important reminders and/or changes to our transportation program this year. 

  • Daily Screening Form - All students must fill out a daily health screening form prior to arrival at school. The form will be emailed to the parent/guardian and should be completed prior to arrival at the bus stop or school.
  • Face Masks - Students must wear masks at all times while riding the school bus unless medically unable to do so.  Medical conditions that would prevent a student from wearing a mask must be brought to the attention of school administration and the school nurse and will be addressed accordingly.
  • One stop per child - due to social distancing and contract tracing requirements, the district is implementing a “one stop per child” requirement.  Each child will be automatically placed on a bus route based on their home address.  Parents/guardians may submit an alternate stop request via the Google form below.  This change will be in effect for every day the child is attending school for the remainder of the school year.  This form will be monitored periodically for updates and communicated to Royal Coach for implementation.    
  • No bus passes or bus hopping - Again, due to the need for social distancing and contract tracing students will NOT be allowed to ride a bus other than the bus to which they have been routed.  Arrangements should be made for pickup at school if the normally scheduled bus stop is not appropriate on a given day. To change a student’s stop location for each day they are attending school parents/guardians should use the Alternate Stop Request Form above.
  • Arrival and Dismissal routines - Please refer to communications from your child's building principal regarding arrival and dismissal routines and traffic patterns during school arrival and dismissal. This would include information regarding how to notify the elementary schools if your child will not be riding the bus home.   

Royal Coach Cleaning Protocols

The following information was provided by Royal Coach Lines regarding their response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: 

At Royal Coach Lines Inc., we believe is our duty to provide a hazard-free environment to our employees and the students we transport. We are implementing the similar guidelines established by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help prevent workplace exposures to COVID-19, in non-healthcare settings. In addition, the company is adding specific preventable guidelines that address the school bus field.

How and when will buses be Disinfected? 

Royal Coach Lines, Inc. take seriously the safety of the employees and the students we transport daily. We disinfect our vehicles on a regular basis with a non-harm professional solution.

Royal Coach Lines (RCL) has been disinfecting all vehicles since the breakthrough of the pandemic. Once the company starts transporting students, the buses will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each the day.


What area of the buses? 

RCL will be Disinfecting the High-Touch Surfaces in the school buses such as:

    • Seats
    • Inside hand railing
    • Floors
    • Inside and outside door handles (including manual control for service door); Inside door grab handles, pads and armrests
    • Steering wheel
    • Shift lever and console
    • Dashboard
    • Turn signal and wiper stalks
    • Seats/Seat belts


With what chemicals? 

    • RCL will be using the solution “Multi Micro 200”. This solution will be used in the fogger machine to disinfect the buses. We are also keeping up with CDC guidelines for other disinfecting solutions. Again, Busses will be Fogged at the end of each day from top to bottom to ensure that its sanitized thoroughly

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

RCL will be providing Face Mask’s to drivers and monitors

RCL displayed the following posters in the dispatch area:

    • Keeping Social Distancing
    • Use Facemask
    • Hand Washing Practices
    • Keep their workspace clean
    • Contact Management immediately if they become sick or were exposed to “Covid”