Winter Sports Update

Dear Wildcat Athletic Family,

The below update was just released by the Governor’s office tonight. We are processing the information, and we will be working with the Westchester County Department of Health to determine local approval and next steps. 

We are hopeful to have more information soon. Thank you so very much for your patience and support during these challenging times. Stay well, stay safe and stay strong!

Go Wildcats!

Donna M. Pirro


New York State Department of Health


As of January 22, 2021  

"Effective February 1, 2021, participants in higher risk sports and recreation activities may partake in individual or distanced group training and organized no/low-contact group training and, further, may partake in other types of play, including competitions and tournaments, only as permitted by the respective local health authorities (i.e., county health departments). 

Local health authorities should consider the following factors in authorizing or continuing to prohibit higher risk sports and recreational activities as, in many areas, these factors may weigh against permitting such activities:

  • whether there has been a more-transmissible variant of COVID-19 identified in the area, 
  • local rates of COVID-19 transmission or rate of positivity, and
  • local ability to monitor and enforce compliance. 

For all lower, moderate, and higher risk sports, travel for practice or play is prohibited outside of the region or contiguous counties/regions. Interstate travel for practice or play is strongly discouraged and, if undertaken, must strictly adhere to the requirements of the State's travel advisory. 

Travel for practice or play to, or from, any area within New York that has been designated as a red or orange zone may only be permitted following consultation with the respective state or local health authorities with consideration of the above mentioned factors. Travel for practice or play to, or from, any area within New York that has been designated as a yellow zone is permitted so long as it adheres to all applicable DOH guidance." 

Return to Athletics After Covid Protocol

If your child is returning to Athletics and has had a recent or past history of a positive COVID test, positive COVID Antibody test or the Department of Health has stated they were presumed positive for COVID, please see the Return to Athletics Protocol for safe transition to competitive sports and bring the attached packet to your health care provider for clearance. 

Return to Play Packet for your Healthcare Provider


  Please print out this form on the day of the athletic event you are attending, answer the questions and bring it to the gate check-in at Westlake High School. You will be required to submit this form upon entering the campus. Only two family members per athlete are permitted to attend home events.

Print out your Spectator Health Screening Form here.


Consent Form for Rapid Covid Testing

Effective the week of November 16, 2020, New York State began to require that schools in designated Yellow Zones that wish to remain open for in-person learning conduct random COVID-19 testing.  Within a given Yellow Zone, it is required that 20% of in-person students, faculty and staff be randomly tested over the two week period immediately following the designation.  The Mount Pleasant Central School District is prepared to offer COVID-19 testing to students, faculty and staff in order to remain open for in-person learning if Hawthorne or Thornwood postal codes are designated a Yellow Zones.  

In order for students to participate in the COVID-19 testing protocol, parental consent is required.  Please complete the linked consent form, which will indicate your preference:

  • Tested without the parent present;
  • Tested with the parent present.

You can return your consent form in one of two ways:

  • Print, sign and scan the form to mtimms@mtplcsd.org
  • Print, sign and place in a sealed envelope and return it to the school nurse clearly labeled on the envelope “Covid-19 Testing Consent Form.”

If you have provided consent to test your child without your presence and your child is randomly selected as part of the 20% in-person population, a parent will be notified via email with specific information on logistics of how the test administration will occur during the school day.  

If you have provided consent to test your child with your presence only and your child is randomly selected as part of the 20% in-person population, a parent will be notified via email with a designated time/location on campus when testing is available outside of school hours.  It will be important that parents adhere to their appointment times and locations so that mandatory social distancing and other health measures may be preserved at all times. 

Following the administration of the test, you will be notified of a positive result only by telephone, no later than the end of the same day.  If you do not receive a phone call by the end of the day which you are tested, you can presume that your child’s test was negative. The results of the rapid antigen test are strictly confidential.  The school district will only report the test results to the New York State Department of Health through the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS), as required by the state for purposes of documentation of the required testing. 

If you have any questions regarding the district testing process, you should contact Ms. Donna Pirro, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics at dpirro@mtplcsd.org.