Free At-Home COVID-19 Kits Distribute

February 16, 2022

Dear Wildcats, 

Prior to the mid-winter break we will be offering free at-home COVID-19 testing kits to our Wildcat community members. With cases now on the decline and some mandates being lifted in New York, we want to help our Mt. Pleasant families continue to stay safe.

On Thursday, February 17th, we are hosting a drive-through test kit distribution from 6 - 8 p.m. at Westlake Middle/High School, Columbus Elementary School, and Hawthorne Elementary School. We encourage you to take advantage of this event and acquire a COVID-19 rapid antigen testing kit. We ask that you pick up tests from the school that your child is currently attending. If you have multiple children, you don’t have to go to multiple schools. Rather, you can pick up the tests at either childs’ school building. If you can not attend that allotted time above, please feel free to stop at the greeter desks on Friday to pick one up.

Procedure: Please drive up to the front of your child’s school building (see specifics below) where a staff member will be located to distribute tests. You will receive one box of tests per student (tests come in packs of two and you will receive one box for each child.

  • Hawthorne Elementary School - Test pick up is at the front doors of Hawthorne Elementary School on Memorial Drive.
  • Columbus Elementary School - Test pick up is at the front doors of Columbus Elementary School
  • Westlake Middle/High School - Test pick up is at the main entrance of the High School.

Administering Tests: There are three possible COVID-19 Antigen Self Test kits that you may receive. Each test kit comes with step by step administration instructions so please make sure you read them carefully for accurate results. We have also included the following links for each vendor below for additional information if needed.

We recommend that the tests be administered to students on Sunday, February 27, 2022, prior to returning to school on Monday, February 28th after the Winter Recess. Nevertheless, if your child is experiencing symptoms, parents may use the test earlier at their convenience. If your child tests positive, please inform your building’s Health Office and begin isolation procedures immediately.

While testing is not required, we are glad to offer these testing kits to our families and hope that they provide you with reassurance.  A second distribution of tests will occur during the week of February 28, 2022. 

Have a wonderful break!

Very truly yours,

Dr. Peter Giarrizzo

Superintendent of Schools