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District-wide Safety Plan


In accordance with Chapter 181 of the Laws of New York 2000 (commonly referred to as Project SAVE, Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act), the following is the Mount Pleasant Central School District-wide Safety Plan. In conjunction with individual school building safety plans and the protocols included in this plan forms the framework for the Mount Pleasant Central School District Safety Plan.

The Mount Pleasant Central School District Board of Education shall annually appoint a District-wide Safety Team. The Team shall include, but is not limited to, representatives of the school board, student, teacher, administrator and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel. It shall be responsible for annually reviewing this Safety Plan and recommending any changes to the Board of Education. The Board of Education shall make the Safety Plan available for public comment at least thirty days prior to its annual adoption, and provide for at least one public hearing during that period that allows participation of school personnel, parents, students and other interested parties. The Plan shall be filed with the New York State Education Department within thirty days of adoption.

In July of each year, the Board of Education shall appoint an Emergency Coordinator for the District. In September of each year, the Board of Education shall appoint members of the District’s Safety Team. The list of current members of the Safety Team is appended to this plan and is considered a part of the plan.

Each September, the Emergency Coordinator forwards an electronic copy of the updated District Safety Plan to all staff members. These documents are to be reviewed annually by all staff members as part of the District’s emergency preparedness.

In addition, each building principal shall, on an annual basis, appoint a building level Safety Team, a School Emergency Response Team, and a Post-Incident Response Team. The teams shall include, but are not limited to, representatives of teacher, administrator and parent organizations, community members, local law enforcement officials, local emergency response agencies and any others the School Board deems appropriate.

It is the responsibility of all parents and guardians to ensure that emergency contact information for students is always up-to-date and are complete.