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Preschool/EI Registration

Students being referred to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) must contact the special education office at 914-769-5500, ext. 5122 before registering your child. Once the referral is received from the special education office, the registrar will contact you to with the following instructions. 

Step 1: The online application must be completed and submitted before the in-person registration appointment using our parent portal.

Step 2: All documents listed below must be emailed to Registrar, Lisa Annunziate (  before the registration appointment.

** Please note that all documents must be original (no copies at the time of the appointment). They must be completed and emailed before registration can be finalized!

You must have:

  1. Driver's license of the guardian
  2. One of the following:   
  3. Original birth certificate (must be original) for all children
  4. Residency QuestionnaireResidency Questionnaire - Spanish
  5. NYS School Health Examination Form (Immunization Records must be attached)
  6. Two (2) utility bills (most recent utility bill within the last 30–60 days)
  7. Home Language Questionnaire / Home Language Questionnaire - Spanish
  8. CPSE Medicaid Billing Consent Form
  9. Reference documents:
  10.  Student Services Document / Student Services Document - Spanish
  11.  Records Release - New Enrollment

If a divorce or separation applies or the  child does not live with both parents, please provide proof of custody:

Step 3:  Once the online registration application is completed and all the documents are uploaded, we will contact you for a 20-minute in-person appointment at the district office (825 Westlake Dr., Thornwood, NY) to validate the original documents. 

** Please note that all documents must be original (no copies at the time of the appointment).