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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration

Each year Hawthorne Elementary School eagerly awaits the arrival of our new kindergartners. Children entering kindergarten must be born on or before December 1, 2018. If you have a kindergarten student that will be joining the district in September 2023, please read below. 

These three steps must be completed before February 1, 2023:

Please note: If you already have a child or children enrolled in the Mt. Pleasant Central School District, please login to the online parent portal. Once in, click the Register New Student button (top right).

  • Step 2: Email all the registration documents to Registrar, Lisa Annunziata ( The list of all required documents that must be completed and uploaded online prior to February 1, 2023, are listed below on this page (scroll down for listing of items).
  • Step 3: The following medical documentation must be received to complete the registration process:
  1. A current New York State Health exam completed by your child’s physician. The exam is valid for a period of one year from the completion date. (For example, if your child’s physical exam was completed in August 2022, they will require an updated physical in August 2023.)
  2. Immunization record: An up-to-date immunization record must be provided. Please use the chart below to verify your child has all necessary immunizations.

The nurse’s office will review these submitted health documents and will make you aware of any missing immunization(s) required. Please note that your child will not be fully registered until he/she has been cleared by the school nurse, and registration cannot take place until these documents are received.

Important: In-person appointments will be scheduled only after all documentations are submitted online.

New York State Immunization Requirements

NY State Immunization Requirements

Next Steps for Registration

After these three steps are complete, the Registrar will call you to set-up a 20-minute, in-person meeting to finalize the registration process by receiving your Mt. Pleasant original forms and reviewing your original/personal documents.

  • Registration meetings will be on a rolling basis starting in mid-February 2023 at the District Office (825 Westlake Drive, Thornwood, NY 10594). For those parents in this group, you will be required to set up a meeting with the Hawthorne Elementary School Nurse, Lisa Ciliberti, so she can review your child’s medical records. (914) 769-8536, ext. 4700. This meeting should take place after registration has been finalized with the Registrar.
  • Registration meetings at Hawthorne Elementary School (225 Memorial Drive, Hawthorne, NY 10532) will take place March 6–10 and March 13–15, 2023, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The school nurse will be available during these scheduled meetings to review the New York State Health Exam and immunization record for your child(ren).

For Parents of Current CPSE Students

If you registered your child with Mt. Pleasant CSD for CPSE services after July 2022, you do not need to re-register your kindergarten aged child for September 2023, but you must Registrar, Lisa Annunziata (

If you registered your child for CPSE services before July 2022, you will need to complete the online eSchoolData application by clicking Online Registration at the bottom of the box. Also, upload all registration documents online (Step 1 and 2 above). We will require a quick in-person appointment, which will be scheduled upon completion of Step 1 and 2.

DIAL-4 Screening: Your child will be invited to Hawthorne Elementary for the DIAL-4 screening assessment, which will focus on motor, language, and conceptual skills. 

Kindergarten Orientation: As part of the kindergarten intake process, you will be invited to one of our Kindergarten Orientation sessions. 

Hawthorne Elementary will follow up with more information regarding screening and orientation. Thank you for your time during this process. We look forward to working together to support your child in a safe environment.

Registration Steps & List of Required Documents

Step 1: The online application must be completed and submitted before the in-person registration appointment using our parent portal.

Step 2: All documents listed below must be emailed to Registrar, Lisa Annunziata (

** Please note that all documents must be original (no copies at the time of the appointment). They must be completed and emailed before registration can be finalized!

You must have:

  1. Driver's license of the guardian
  2. One of the following:   
  3. Original birth certificate (must be original) for all children
  4. Residency QuestionnaireResidency Questionnaire - Spanish
  5. NYS School Health Examination Form (Immunization Records must be attached)
  6. Two (2) utility bills (most recent utility bill within the last 30–60 days)
  7. Home Language Questionnaire / Home Language Questionnaire - Spanish
  8. Kindergarten Profile Survey
  9. Free and Reduced Meal Application / Free and Reduced Meal Application - Spanish (Optional)
  10. Migrant Family Survey / Migrant Family Survey - Spanish (Optional)

If a divorce or separation applies or the  child does not live with both parents, please provide proof of custody:

If student received any services in the previous school:

Please complete the form below if your child received IEP, 504, Early Intervention, Reading, ENL, Resource Room, Counseling, Social Work, or AIS/RTI/MTSS Services in the previous school.

Step 3:  Once the online registration application is completed and all the documents are emailed, we will contact you for a 20-minute in-person appointment at the district office (825 Westlake Dr., Thornwood, NY) to validate the original documents. 

** Please note that all documents must be original (no copies at the time of the appointment).