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Parent Members and Resources

Parent Members

What is a Parent Member? How can I connect to one?

The parent member represents the community of parents of students with disabilities at CPSE/CSE meetings. According to Part 200 regulations, the parent member must have a student with a disability residing in the school district or a neighboring school district, provided that the additional parent member may be the parent of a student who has been declassified within a period not to exceed five years, or the parent of a student who has graduated within a period not to exceed five years

A parent member goes through training which has been developed to ensure that all members of the CPSE/CSE function effectively in their role. The training is designed to assist parent members of the CPSE/CSE in building their base of knowledge about the Committee process and to fulfill their roles on the Committee as defined by New York State regulations.

While parent members are not advocates, they can help parents understand and participate in the meeting by explaining procedures, asking questions and clarifying information.

A parent member must be requested in writing by the parent of the student to the Special Education Office at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. The Special Education Office will then reach out to the next person on a rotational list to attend your meeting.  If there is not a parent member available for your meeting, you can choose to reschedule your meeting when one is available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding parent members. If you are interested in becoming a parent member please reach out to us at the Pupil Personnel Office and we can help you with the process.

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