Update June 26, 2019

Construction has begun on the Westlake campus!  As has been previously communicated, many exciting upgrades are scheduled to take place throughout the summer.  In order to complete as many tasks as possible before the 2019-20 school year begins, construction crews have already been hard at work.

As you may have noticed during a visit to the Westlake campus, the area around the tennis courts and the middle school parking lot have been cleared and leveled.  As of Wednesday, June 26, the area near the tennis courts will be closed and fenced off to be used as a staging area for equipment and supplies. This location will serve as construction headquarters for the duration of the Westlake upgrade.  In order to maintain everyone’s safety, we respectfully ask the community to refrain from entering the area.

At the top of Westlake Drive, to the right of the District Office, work on the middle school parking lot has also started.  We will be adding more than 100 new parking spots which will address a current lack of parking for students and staff as well as for visitors to the campus during school events.  

While we are excited for the all the changes scheduled to take place, it will be somewhat challenging as we live through the construction this summer.   The supplies required to upgrade the boilers, HVAC systems, roofs, bathrooms and many other projects will occupy a tremendous amount of space and will leave room for very limited parking on the Westlake campus.  With that in mind, we ask for the public’s cooperation in following some general guidelines when visiting in order to maintain safety and order on campus.  

Parking: Parking will be extremely limited.  We have staff and construction crews that will be working throughout the summer that will occupy many of the limited spaces.  If you must drive to campus, please try to find a spot in the first row in front of the high school (currently designated as Senior Student Parking Area).  There will be no parking available at the bottom of campus by the tennis courts

Deliveries:  All deliveries should be directed to the District Office at 825 Westlake Drive.  Mail and packages will be distributed from there to the high school and middle school as needed.  

CPSE/CSE Meetings:  The Office of Pupil Personnel and Student Services will be relocated to the WHS/WMS library.  Access to the library will be through the middle school rear entrance. Please make sure to schedule an appointment if you need to meet with anyone in the PPS Department. If it is necessary to send documentation or forms before your appointment, please leave plenty of time for it to be delivered to the correct location. 

Track:  The track will be closed from July 8 - July 22 for construction purposes.  For everyone’s safety, we ask that no one access the track or field during this time.  Once the track is reopened, please keep in mind the limited parking and plan accordingly.

We look forward to a very productive summer and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us achieve our facilities goals.  When students and staff return to school in the fall, the improvements will be nearly complete and will go a long way to bringing our campuses up to 21st century standards. As always, thank you to the entire Mount Pleasant Community for your support of our schools! 

Summer 2019 Construction


Westlake High School

Boiler replacements

Classroom unit ventilators

12 bathroom renovations

HVAC upgrades in gym,  auditorium and main office

Roof replacement

Electrical service and panel upgrades

Fire alarm upgrades

Ceiling, lighting and floors in select classrooms

Door and wire-glass replacements

Asbestos abatement in floors and ceilings in guidance office

Masonry repairs

Site work - sidewalks and parking areas


Columbus Elementary

Site lighting

Roof fan installation

Electrical panel upgrades

Fire alarm upgrades

Student bathroom upgrades

Ceiling, lighting and floors in  select classrooms and hallways

Door and window replacements

Masonry repairs

Overview of Bond-Funded Construction

October 2016:  $39.6 million Facilities Bond Approved

Work Completed as of August 2018:

Summer 2017:

Westlake High School:  

Auditorium Roof Replaced

Westlake Middle School:  

Entire Roof Replaced

Summer 2018:  

Westlake High School:  

Floors abated and replaced in 41 rooms

Columbus Elementary:


Road Reconfiguration

Parking Reconfiguration

Drop-off Circle added

Retaining wall


Athletic Fields

Mechanical Upgrades:

Rooftop Exhaust Fans

HVAC Controls

Library AC

Please check back often for updates to this page as we continue bond-funded work in the district