Summer 2019 Construction


Westlake High School

Boiler replacements

Classroom unit ventilators

12 bathroom renovations

HVAC upgrades in gym,  auditorium and main office

Roof replacement

Electrical service and panel upgrades

Fire alarm upgrades

Ceiling, lighting and floors in select classrooms

Door and wire-glass replacements

Asbestos abatement in floors and ceilings in guidance office

Masonry repairs

Site work - sidewalks and parking areas


Columbus Elementary

Site lighting

Roof fan installation

Electrical panel upgrades

Fire alarm upgrades

Student bathroom upgrades

Ceiling, lighting and floors in  select classrooms and hallways

Door and window replacements

Masonry repairs

Overview of Bond-Funded Construction

October 2016:  $39.6 million Facilities Bond Approved

Work Completed as of August 2018:

Summer 2017:

Westlake High School:  

Auditorium Roof Replaced

Westlake Middle School:  

Entire Roof Replaced

Summer 2018:  

Westlake High School:  

Floors abated and replaced in 41 rooms

Columbus Elementary:


Road Reconfiguration

Parking Reconfiguration

Drop-off Circle added

Retaining wall


Athletic Fields

Mechanical Upgrades:

Rooftop Exhaust Fans

HVAC Controls

Library AC

Please check back often for updates to this page as we continue bond-funded work in the district

   Timeline of Bond Construction work planned in Mount Pleasant CSD