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About the Board

The role of the Mount Pleasant Board of Education is to establish education policy for the district, recommend the annual school district budget for voter approval and oversee the work of the superintendent of schools.

Seven community residents are elected for three-year overlapping terms.


The mission of the Board of Education is to serve the community by providing an environment where all students can learn through a continuously challenging academic climate that values excellence, team work and individual intellectual development. The Mount Pleasant Central School District strives to meet the needs and concerns of students living in a rapidly changing, multicultural, technological society. The Board of Education believes the students, family, school and community share in this responsibility. Our schools must provide a setting where people are accepted as individuals in an environment that fosters self-discipline, mutual respect, cooperation and excellence.

Board Members

Michael Horan, President
(917) 412-9196
Term: 2024-27

Sara M. Beaty, Vice President
(518) 859-2568
Term: 2023-26

Michael Griffin 
(914) 449-6068
Term: 2024-27

Steven Mastrosimone
(914) 329-4670
Term: 2022-25

Laura Michalec Olszewski
(914) 741-2858
Term 2023-26

Christopher Pinchiaroli
(646) 808-5440
Term: 2022-25

Colleen Scaglione Neglia
(914) 263-3213
Term: 2024-27