Since you've clicked here, you must be having pangs of nostalgia. Maybe you are planning a reunion and looking to find teachers or classmates from your high school years. Or maybe you are looking to give back to your school in some way (hint: hosting a senior intern at your place of business.) Whatever your reason, welcome back!

 The information below may help you on your quest.

To view information concerning ordering an Alumni Brick, click  here.

To find classmates: WHS Alumni Facebook page - facebook.com/westlakehighschoolalumni

Reunion organizers:  If you would like to publicize your reunion in the district newsletter, contact Alyson Walsh at awalsh@mtplcsd.org.

To sponsor a senior intern: Contact Nick DiPaolo, Guidance Leader, at ndipaolo@mtplcsd.org

Supporting organizations:

     Mount Pleasant Education Foundation
     Westlake Athletic Club